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Monday, July 03, 2006

Audience Types for B2B Marketing

A quick pre-4th post...was cleaning up my library tonight and found notes I'd made during a few good reads lately. One, in particular, caught my eye - the three major audiences for those in marketing within most mainstream B2B organizations. The first audience and first audience sub-category below being the most important, of course:

1. Customers/Prospects
a. Existing Customers
b. Potential Customers
c. Former Customers
2. Sales Teams
3. Search Engines

Perhaps the most underrated unifier within a strong market management program is CONTENT. Content that educates, influences, persuades, engages, and motivates. It is applicable to all audiences. Many marketers and non-marketers (even in the executive rank) underestimate or don't even bother to think about content as a critical-to-success factor in a company's marketing and financial success.

My two cents for the night...


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